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Shredder Music, LLC., is a design company specializing in products for both the professional musician and the student... with an emphasis on merchandise for the saxophone player.

Our vast experience combined with the passion we have for music and the music industry affords us the insight to offer products of exceptional caliber, innovative ideas and necessary tools not currently offered by other suppliers/manufacturers in the music industry.

Our primary goal is to oversee the future development, production, and implementation of these tools and ideas to benefit our customers.

We strive to fashion a superb reputation of excellence and dependability for our entire Shredder Music line, making sure our customers receive the highest-quality and most reliable products available in the industry.

We will provide not only exceptionally-designed mouthpieces, ligatures, learning tools, and instrument accessories, but we also strive to have superior customer service.

Our customers and artists are the foundation of our company; so we always appreciate input along with innovative ideas from our client base.

We will consistently and continually develop new products, search for improvements on current merchandise, and incorporate original innovative ways to help our customers make their musical expressions and achievements a fulfilling, rewarding, easier experience.
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