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Shredder Music Artists
Nick Longo - President

Nick Longo was born in Georgia to a musical family that raised him on rock & roll, R&B, and jazz. His father had always been a professional sax player which made choosing a career in music an easy decision for Nick. That path, through hard work and determination finally paid off and his aspirations of being a successful musician were achieved. Longo has performed with jazz greats such as Nick Brignola, Randy Brecker, and with Earl Klugh. Nick has also worked on stage with music legends Ray Charles, Don Henley, and Lyle Lovett’s own Francine Reed. He continues to work exclusively in the music industry; and has been a professional musician for over 20 years.

Longo graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music specializing in Jazz Studies from Georgia State University and is skilled in all genres of music. With more than 20 years experience in the music industry, Nick Longo has had numerous creative opportunities in his business career. He actively works as a leader, sideman, studio-musician, vocalist, and producer, all while booking and managing his own band. Within his band, Nick utilizes his skills as a writer and arranger to produce a broad range of music in a wide variety of styles. His innovative arranging ideas and creative writing skills have afforded him many opportunities on original projects with various artists.

This innovative approach has been the foundation of Nick’s drive to create his own energetic style of music. It came from a need to find a genre of music that wasn’t currently available. This passion has also transferred over to his concept for new and improved product lines for the sax player as well as products for all musicians. With a life career in the music business, Nick has discovered many tools and accessories that are just not currently available and has also realized some products just need improving.

Longo met Karen Greene while working in various bands in the metro Atlanta area, and found that she too had the same philosophy and innovative outlook for new and better products. Longo and Greene, having this same vision to make musicians’ lives easier and more enjoyable, knew they would themselves have to design and make these products available to the music world. From that concept they formed Shredder Music, LLC. For more info on Nick Longo, visit his personal site.
Karen Greene - Vice President

A native of Northern West Virginia, Karen Greene has been a professional musician for over 30 years. She first fell in love with jazz at the age of 10 after listening to one of her father's Wes Montgomery albums. Because of her ever-increasing love for jazz and R&B music she decided to take up the saxophone. While working her way through college as a musician, she also worked at radio stations and recording studios in Northern West Virginia and Pennsylvania. That’s where she discovered her interest in audio production.

She attended both Fairmont State University and West Virginia University, and graduated with a BA in Music Business, and a minor in broadcasting. Upon completing college, she immediately went on the road performing 6 days a week/48 weeks a year as a professional musician. That experience, along with her knowledge of audio production and music business, led her to Greensboro, North Carolina where she worked for 10 years at The Process Recording Studios.

At The Process, she was studio manager and also worked as an audio engineer, director, producer, and the in-house sax player on major sessions leading her to win numerous national awards for audio production and directing, including 2 Grammys. During this time, Greene was still performing with numerous artists such Natalie Cole, Neena Freelon, and the nationally-acclaimed Latin jazz band, 'Carnivalito', in addition to her own band ‘The KGB’.

Now living in metro Atlanta and working as a professional musician and clinician, she finds time to share her vast experience and knowledge with both high school and college students on the actual 'business' of music. Owning an audio production company, her knowledge and creativity have continued to gain her numerous awards including 3 Telly's (non-broadcast Emmy's) and a National Communicator Award for her audio/video production for JD Edwards with the Denver Symphony Orchestra.

Throughout her extensive career in the music industry, she has always been aware of a need for products that would be beneficial for both students and pro musicians alike. Upon meeting Nick Longo, she discovered a colleague who had the same concepts, ideas, and passion for creating quality products, accessories and teaching tools not currently available. Longo and Greene's partnership and identical vision became the foundation for Shredder Music, LLC. For more info on Karen Greene, visit her personal site.
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